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Airbnb Bedding Cleaning Tips

Keeper cleaning airbnb bedding

Let’s talk about how to clean the bedding at your Airbnb

Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your Airbnb and satisfying your guests.

It will directly affect your reviews in either a positive or negative way, so it’s important to make sure that you are keeping your property well-maintained. Laundry takes up the most time during a turnover cleaning. If you have a back-to-back stay, it’s best to keep the process efficient. 


Sheets need to be cleaned between each guest’s stay. It is also recommended to keep extra sheets on site in case the sheets need to be completely replaced. This will also ensure a quick turnover. 

If your Airbnb has a high occupancy rate you may consider completely replacing your linens every 6-12 months. 

Comforters, blankets, and duvets 

When it comes to cleaning your Airbnb bedding, comforters, blankets and quilts can take a lot of time during cleaning so the best practice is to clean these every few weeks or after an extended guest reservation. 

Using a removable duvet would be the most effective way to keep your bedding fresh and clean for guests. They take less time to dry versus a comforter, blanket, or quilt. Or keep extras for your housekeeper to simply replace at each cleaning.


Decorative pillows need to be sanitized occasionally as well. The easiest way to do this is to have removable pillow covers to throw in the washer. This also can allow you to give your Airbnb a fresh new look by changing out the colors and designs. 

If the covers can not be removed, you can also throw the pillow in the dryer at a high heat option to sanitize it. 

This would also apply to any pillows used by guests on the bed. Simply remove the pillow covers and toss the pillow on high heat in your dryer. 

Following this protocol when it comes to cleaning the bedding at your Airbnb is sure to make your guests feel comfortable when staying at your property. Be sure to share this article with your housekeeper or contact us to find out how to sign up with Keepers and access our housekeepers that are trained on Turnover Cleanings. 

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