Do you want to scale your vacation rental business? Automate your Airbnb business to take it to the next level. What does that mean? Automating your Airbnb is streamlining the day-to-day tasks you engage in with your vacation rental, such as housekeeping, pricing updates, check-in and check-outs, and more. 

You can use several tools to maximize the efficiency of operating your Airbnb business. There are several aspects of your Airbnb business that you can automate: 

  • Pricing – pricing tools are available to help you remain competitive with other listings in your area.
  • Guest Check-ins & Check-outs – If you are trying to scale your rental business it will be important to ensure you can easily allow guests into your properties and send instructions.
  • Booking/Housekeeping Management – This category is the most time-consuming of them all. Using a booking management system can ensure no double bookings and that you have housekeepers scheduled and notified if any reservations are changed or canceled. 

Pricing Tools

Dynamic pricing tools save you hours of research and guesswork. There are pricing platforms that have dedicated their entire business model to pricing research for the short-term vacation rental industry. 

PriceLabs Price Labs identifies local events and trends so you don’t have to 

Beyond PricingBeyond analyzes a billion data points coupled with flexible controls to grow your bookings & revenue up to 40%

Airbnb’s Smart Pricing – This is a free tool that is offered by Airbnb that automatically adjusts pricing based on demand. 

Guest Check-Ins and Check Outs 

If you are trying to scale your Airbnb business, you will need these check-in and check-out tools. 

Remote LockAutomate your guest access using smart-lock software designed for vacation rentals. RemoteLock controls smart locks from all the major brands and integrates with Airbnb and other booking platforms.

Message Templates – using a template to send your guest a welcome message and check-in details for their stay can make it easy to manage multiple properties.

Create a template for each common interaction you face with guests and potential guests. This can help you achieve a faster response rate. Response rate is a factor Airbnb considers when trying to achieve Super Host status

Booking and Housekeeping Management 

Scheduling cleanings and coordinating guest check in’s and check-outs can be stressful without any tools to help you manage multiple listing sites. 

Keeperswith our automation technology, you can easily integrate your vacation rental properties to start booking housekeeping for your vacation rental. Our unique platform auto-schedules cleanings and notifies and tracks housekeepers. It is a completely “hands-off” platform for vacation rental hosts to use. 

Booking Automation Automate Your Operations With Instant Rates & Availability Sync, Automated Communications, Payment Collection, Booking Website, Price Optimization and More+

SmoobuChannel Manager, PMS, Booking Engine, Rates Synchronisation, Website, Communications, Guest Guide, Check-in Online, Reviews & more. Over 200.000 listings worldwide. 5-Star Support.

Be the Host with the Most 

These tools are sure to help you be that 5-star, Super Host status that you know you can be! Better, smoother processes = more guest satisfaction = more guests! 

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