someone writing down FAQ's

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

“What do you do to vet your housekeepers and what safeguards are in place?”

This is a 4 part answer: 

1. All housekeepers are background checked. 

2. We geolocate the housekeepers to make sure they are where they are supposed to be

2. We have insurance for the housekeeper and the house “dual insurance” from the moment they arrive to leaving

3. The housekeeper has to follow a step-by-step checklist. 

“What happens if someone doesn’t show up?”

If someone doesn’t show up, the job is immediately posted to every housekeeper in our app

“How far in advance are they accepting gigs?”

2 weeks in advance for new Keepers, 16 days in advance for preferred Keepers

 “What do you offer with hot tubs?”

There is an additional charge. Housekeepers are provided instructions on how to maintain the hot tub if there is one on-site. 

“What happens if a guest extends their stay for a day or two?”

There is no charge, the extended stay date is sent as a push notification to the assigned keeper, and then if they don’t accept it gets sent back out to all the keepers in the area.

What is the process if switch my property to a different Property Management System?

You will need to go to the integrations tab and delete your integration, this will remove all the properties from our platform. Then you will integrate your new PMS as you did the first.

“How much does it cost to use your platform?”

It is completely free as long as the host charges the guest the cleaning fee on their listing site that we charge on your property.

If your question has not been answered by any of our FAQ’s you can contact us anytime.