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Automated Scheduling

As soon as a reservation is confirmed, we notify all available housekeepers there is a new cleaning job.

The era of cleaning your own vacation rental, and the hassle of finding housekeeping is over!


You can check the status of your cleaning at any time, so you know with confidence that your property will be ready when guests arrive.

Before and After Cleaning Visuals

Keepers can be your “Eyes on the ground” for your property. Before and after each cleaning your Keeper will upload pictures to your listing so you can review.

World Class Support

Our customer care team is always available to assist. Customer Service is our number one priority.

Add Your Properties

You can add multiple properties into one account! Simply follow the property onboarding prompts such as; address, size, and photos. Once your property is verified it will be approved.

Integrate Your Calendar

You will be prompted to integrate your vacation rental calendar, from the list of approved platforms (we are adding more daily). Once you integrate your calendar, you will review to make sure all details and photos of your property are correct.

Dynamic Pricing

Once your property is added, our dynamic pricing model calculates the price for each property. Hosts will (usually) pass this fee onto the guest cleaning fee on the property listing site, so it is completely free for the host to use our platform!

Utilize Our Dashboard

You can always visit the host dash to manage your properties, view up coming jobs or jobs in progress, chat with support or housekeepers, and much more! However, notifications of job updates are sent directly to your phone so you can sit back and relax!

Set Your Housekeeping Needs on Autopilot

Our platform automates the entire housekeeping process. From booking housekeepers for your cleanings, providing real-time job updates, pre and post-clean photo logs, instant messaging, automatic payments, and more!

Our Current Integrations

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