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How to Be Prepared if a Housekeeper Cancels

If you have a vacation rental property, it is likely that you have a housekeeper or a property management company that facilitates the housekeeping for you. Owning a vacation rental has pros, such as extra income, and cons, such as last-minute housekeeping cancellations.  It is important to be prepared for any housekeeper cancellations.

Housekeeper cancellations are a hassle for property managers and owners of short-term rentals. Searching for a replacement can take up hours of your time after the back-and-forth negotiations on pricing. And let’s face it, you are probably paying more money for a last-minute replacement.

Prepare Your Property

Are you prepared if your housekeeper cancels last minute? With turnover cleanings, having a backup is so important. Keepers does this all for you, and more. 

Our free, fully automated platform not only finds a housekeeper for you but also automatically searches for a replacement if your housekeeper cancels last minute. 

Housekeepers will be notified that an urgent job is available in their area. The notification is immediately triggered when the original housekeeper cancels the job. This eliminates hours of searching one by one AND the negotiation process done with each housekeeper. 

Set a Preferred Housekeeper

Keepers is not only for hosts who are struggling to find housekeeping but also for hosts with existing housekeepers in place as well. We understand when you have the best, you keep ‘em! 

Set your favorite housekeeper as a preferred housekeeper. What does this mean? This means that your housekeeper receives notifications before anyone else that a cleaning job is available for your property. 

Keepers adds an extra level of security by being the backup your property may need one day. We can never predict the future so having a backup plan in place is always important! This is especially true for any hosts who are not located within driving distance of their property. 

And don’t forget, this entire process is FULLY automated and free… yes, seriously no cost to the host! Sit back and watch the magic happen. ✨  Ditch the manual housekeeping booking process, save your time! Sign up with Keepers to fully automate your housekeeping needs and be prepared for housekeeper cancellations. 

Read more about how the entire process works here.

Or create an account with Keepers here!

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