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Making Turnover Cleanings a Breeze

Hey there short-term rental owners! We all know how crucial it is to provide a clean and inviting space for our guests, especially when dealing with same-day check-outs and check-ins. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the art of communication and coordination, sharing valuable tips to ensure seamless turnover cleanings in your rental properties. Let’s make the turnover process a breeze!

Be the Maestro of Communication:

When it comes to turnover cleanings, effective communication is key. Here are a few pointers to help you conduct the symphony of tasks smoothly:

  • Establish clear expectations: Communicate your cleanliness standards to your housekeepers, leaving no room for ambiguity.
  • Provide a detailed cleaning checklist: Create a comprehensive checklist covering all areas that require attention during turnover cleanings.
  • Utilize technology: Explore communication tools or apps that can facilitate seamless coordination and real-time updates with your housekeeping team.
  • Prioritize prompt communication: Ensure that your housekeepers are informed about check-out and check-in times well in advance, allowing them to plan their schedules accordingly.

Creating a Well-Orchestrated Cleaning Schedule:

Efficient turnover cleanings require meticulous planning and scheduling. Here’s how you can set up a system that keeps everything in harmony:

  • Divide and conquer: On larger properties you may need to break down the cleaning tasks into manageable chunks, assigning specific areas or rooms to different housekeepers. This allows for parallel work and speeds up the process.
  • Time is of the essence: Establish realistic timeframes and communicate them clearly to your housekeeping team. Emphasize the importance of timely completion without compromising on quality.
  • Stay flexible: While having a schedule is essential, being flexible is equally important. Accommodate reasonable requests from your housekeeping team or guests, and be ready to adapt when necessary.

Juggling Guest Requests and Cleaning Priorities:

Balancing guest requests with the demands of turnover cleanings can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope. These tips will help you maintain equilibrium:

  • Establish clear policies: Communicate your policies regarding guest requests during turnover cleanings. Make sure guests understand the limitations and potential delays that may arise.
  • Prioritize the essentials: Identify the critical cleaning tasks that must be completed before new guests arrive. Focus on those first, and then address additional requests if time permits.
  • Efficient guest communication: Keep the lines of communication open with your incoming guests. Inform them about the turnover process, expected check-in time, and any temporary inconveniences they might encounter.

Now you’ve learned the secrets to orchestrating seamless turnover cleanings in your short-term rental properties. Or… let Keepers manage your short-term rental housekeeping! We provide the technology to allow you to automate your entire cleaning process and ensure quality cleanings. If you would like to learn more about our services please visit 

Happy hosting and may your turnover cleanings be a symphony of success!

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