Tools & Tips

Scale Your Cleaning Business

Cleaning services are in high demand everywhere. Whether you have just started solo or are trying to scale your cleaning business, it’s important to have procedures in place to help your business stand out. First, you’ll need to set your goals so you can create a plan. 

Once you set your goals you can focus on them to scale your cleaning business. Here are ways to help you get started.

Creating Systems

Creating systems will ensure that your operations are running smoothly. Maintaining and updating your schedule is a critical system to fine-tune. Especially if you are trying to scale and gain more clients, you will need to stay organized and ensure you have enough staff to cover all cleanings. 

Establish your cleaning best practices to train your staff. This will ensure all cleaners provide the same quality service to your clients. 


To maintain a good reputation, it is important to make sure you and your staff are reliable. Ensure you are communicating with your clients if there are any schedule changes or conflicts and that you have a solution or a backup to show up for the scheduled cleaning. This allows your clients to feel like they can trust your business to get the job done. And if they trust you, they are likely to refer you to their friends and family. 


It’s no secret that if you are going to scale your cleaning business, you are going to need help. As the workload grows, you will need to ensure you have adequate housekeepers. Set the standard for who you hire. Conduct interviews and background checks so you can attest to the trustworthiness of each employee. Hold training sessions so you can learn about each individual and give feedback. 

Technology Resources 

If you aren’t already utilizing technology to scale your cleaning business you are missing out on opportunities for growth. Social media is FREE and a great way to spread the word about your business. Use social media to display your work, write informational content, or see what other companies are doing that works. Create a website that people can refer to research your business. There are tons of templates available on WordPress

One of the hardest parts of scaling your business is attracting and retaining new customers. Where do you go to find these new customers?

Keepers is a platform that allows you to scale your cleaning business by giving you access to jobs in your area without you having to do anything AND it’s free! Simply sign up and complete a background check to get started. This is great for anyone who is looking to start their own cleaning business or scale the business they currently have.  

Customer Satisfaction 

This is the last on our list but it may just be the most important. Making each client feel special can tremendously help your business grow and flourish. If your clients are satisfied, they are more likely to recommend you to others. 

A good way to keep your clients satisfied is by putting the finishing touches any time you clean a property. (Put their bath towels out for the next use, fold the toilet paper edges, organize a drawer, or do any extra task that they may not necessarily pay for) This will make them feel like they are a valued customer. 

It’s also important to listen to any feedback they give and make notes. Keep an Excel spreadsheet or use an app to organize your notes for each client. Everyone will have different expectations of cleanliness so it’s important to track all of this so that when you grow your business you can continue to give your clients the same quality of service. 

picture of bathroom cleaned by a housekeeper

Everyone’s path to success is different, so depending on what your goals are, adjust your processes accordingly. These are just a few tips to help you brainstorm and get started on scaling your cleaning business. 

If you don’t know where to start, we would love to help you! Email us at or call 866-341-5337 to see how Keepers can help you scale your cleaning business.

Hi, I’m Abbi Bellard