You just received a last minute reservation on your vacation rental and you have no one to clean your property before the guests arrive. You are scrambling to call every housekeeping company you can find on Google OR you stop in the middle of what you’re doing –or not doing– and clean it yourself, that is if you even live close enough.. 

You’ve either wasted your own time and money, or you have to cancel on your new guest because you have no way of getting your property cleaned before they arrive.. 

Still. Losing. Money – and receiving bad reviews. 

If only there was something out there that could have sent this request out to several housekeepers immediately after the reservation was made so you didn’t have to waste your time and resources….


Keepers is an app designed to do this exact thing. Our app is the future of housekeeping for your short term rental. Think Uber, but for Housekeeping.  

For the Hosts

Our app is bridging the gap between the vacation rental property owners and the housekeepers, so you never have to stress about finding a housekeeper again. All you have to do is integrate your vacation rental property calendar from AirBnb, for example, and the rest is left to us! 

Our app tracks any reservations made on your calendar and immediately notifies housekeepers that there is a cleaning job available. We set the cleaning price, so you don’t have to negotiate for hours on end. 

Once your housekeeper accepts the job, they will arrive at the check out time you set on your property. Before starting and after completing the job they will take pictures and upload to the Keepers app so you can rate the housekeeper. If for any reason the housekeeper cancels, you do not have to search for a new cleaner, we automatically do that for you so you can rest assured knowing your property will always be cleaned before the new guest arrives. 

For the Housekeepers 

Be your own boss with Keepers. Whether you work part time and need a side hustle, or want flexibility to earn your income, you can sign up as a Housekeeper on our platform, no experience is necessary! 

Just let your cleaning skills ✨SHINE✨…literally. 

Once you have signed up as a housekeeper and passed a background check, you can begin accepting or rejecting jobs. YOU determine how much and when you work. Just follow our cleaning checklist to get the job done and you’re on your way to making $$$. 

So.. Why Keepers? 

Our Founder and CEO, Carleena Andrepont experienced the struggle of finding housekeeping with her vacation rental properties, so she knew she could not be the only one. After speaking with many owners, some even said they had to sell their vacation homes because of this issue. 

Your vacation rental was purchased  as an INVESTMENT. Don’t let the housekeeping issue stop you from your goals. 

Download our app now in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store  so Keepers can schedule the cleanings for you. We are currently servicing Alaska and expanding to other areas soon. 

Hi, I’m Abbi Bellard