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    Frequently Asked Questions​

    This is a 4 part answer: 
    1. All cleaners are background checked. 
    2. We geolocate the cleaners to make sure they are where they are supposed to be
    2. We have insurance for the cleaner and the house (dual insurance) from the moment they arrive to leaving
    3. The cleaner has to follow a step-by-step cleaning checklist and document the entire cleaning process.

    If someone doesn’t show up, the job is immediately posted to every cleaner in our app.

    There is no charge, the extended stay date is sent as a push notification to the assigned cleaner, and then if they don’t accept it gets sent back out to all the keepers in the area.

    There are no fees or monthly rates. We simply charge a cleaning fee per cleaning. This is essentially free as long as you charge the guest the cleaning fee on your listing site (such as Airbnb).

    Keepers was born out of a vision to revolutionize the way housekeeping is handled for short-term rental properties. Our CEO, Carleena Andrepont, recognized the need for a streamlined solution after years of personally dealing with how time consuming and unreliable housekeeping management is. She knew the answer was to take the entire process off hosts and automate the process, so she assembled a dedicated team to bring this vision to life.



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