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Become Your Own Boss with Keepers

It’s no secret that COVID-19 altered every job industry. After many companies laid off workers or cut hours, people were searching for a new way to supplement their income. As a result, the gig economy became more popular as these people searched for a way to do that, they became their own boss. According to a study conducted by ADP Research Institute, the gig economy now accounts for a third of the world’s working population.

Working in the gig economy provides such personal benefits, and allows workers to have the freedom to be their own boss. It allows them to have flexible schedules, dive into work they are passionate about, and overall, have financial, and personal freedom. 

Keepers is giving this same opportunity to you! Our platform is the “Uber concept” of housekeeping. Our system notifies housekeepers on our app of any new job requests, in real time, so they can choose whether or not they want to accept the job. The job will remain available until a housekeeper claims it. 

Flexible Scheduling 🗓️

One of the top benefits of working in the gig economy: having a flexible schedule. This is especially great for those who are already working a full time job and need a second, part time hustle.  

As an independent contractor with Keepers, you decide when you want to work. All you have to do is turn on your notifications to receive alerts from our app so you know as soon as  there are new jobs in your area. 

Convenience 📱

What did we do before smartphones?! Most of us rely on our devices throughout the day to communicate or do some quick research…it’s all about convenience! As an app based platform, you can manage your schedule straight from your phone, wherever you are. 

Not only can you manage your schedule through our app, but once you are at the job site, our app takes you step by step through the cleaning process. Upload your pre and post cleaning photos, view the cleaning checklist, and leave a review all in one place. 

Supplemental Income 💲

Get paid to clean. What’s great about the gig economy is that it allows you to determine HOW much money you want to make. You can either make your gig full time or create a side hustle. Many people have created supplemental income by working for gig economy companies such as Uber, ASAP, Doordash, Instacart, etc. And Keepers is so excited to  give you this same opportunity. 

Once you are approved as a housekeeper on our app, you are on your way to making money. We set the pricing so there is no hassle of negotiations. Once the job is complete you will receive payment via our integrated payment software. 

Keepers magic wand, be your own boss

If you are ready to start cleaning, sign up with Keepers and get started! 

And no, you don’t need any experience in housekeeping to sign up. We welcome everyone who is willing to pick up a mop and start cleaning. We provide you with instructions and an extensive cleaning checklist so you are set up to be your own boss!

Our team is here to help you every step of the way! You can reach out with any additional questions by emailing us at or calling our support number at 866-341-5337. 

Hi, I’m Abbi Bellard