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10 Ways Keepers Benefits Your Short-Term Rental

Keepers can provide several benefits for your short-term rental when it comes to housekeeping. Read below to see 10 ways we do this. 

1. Easily Manage Your Account

You can easily access and manage your property info, and cleanings, and view any live cleaning jobs from your phone! Our platform is mobile-friendly so you can access it from anywhere, anytime. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the platform so you can manage your properties. 

2. Get Free Access to Housekeepers in Your Area

No more searching for a housekeeper at the last minute, our housekeepers receive notifications in real-time of all housekeeping jobs. This prevents any delays or pricing negotiations. You also have the ability to select a preferred housekeeper who will receive new cleaning alerts on your properties before any other housekeeper. 

3. Set Pricing

No more negotiating with housekeepers before scheduling your cleaning. We set the pricing so you don’t have to. This can free up a lot of time by avoiding the back-and-forth negotiations between you and the housekeeper. 

4. Backup Housekeepers

Housekeepers canceling at the last minute is a huge pain and hassle. With our app and automation technology, if the housekeeper cancels, housekeepers receive an alert that a new urgent job is available. This eliminates the need for you to spend your time manually searching for a last-minute housekeeper. 

5. Integrate Your Calendar

Already list your property on a vacation rental host site such as Airbnb? Great! Just link your Airbnb calendar directly to our app so Keepers can take care of your housekeeping. We also support other integrations; you can check out our currently available integrations on our website. We are always working to add more, so if you don’t see the one you currently use, please let us know! 

6. Automation 

Our number one priority is to make the entire housekeeping process seamless. We do this by automating every aspect of the process on our platform. Once you integrate your calendar and properties on our platform, the automation begins. Alerts are sent to our housekeepers as soon as someone books your property for their next vacation. This is one of the great benefits we provide for your short-term rental and you as well. You have the freedom to interact on our platform or, sit back and relax and let Keepers do the work for you.

7. Real-Time Notifications

As mentioned above, our housekeepers will receive notifications of any cleaning jobs as soon as a reservation is made at your property. We want to ensure that your property is taken care of as soon as possible; especially for any last-minute reservations. With our chat feature, you can instantly message the housekeeper with any requests or additional information. It also allows the housekeeper to contact you with any urgent questions they may have during the cleaning job.

8. Pre and Post-Cleaning Photos

Once your housekeeper is at the property they will take photos of the property before beginning the cleaning checklist. This allows you to accurately review the guest that checked out. Once they have finished cleaning the property, they will then take post-cleaning photos. They must upload all of these photos to complete the cleaning job. You will then be able to view the post-cleaning photos and review the housekeeper accurately. 

9. Damage Reports 

Housekeepers can report any damage or items left behind by the guest. This allows you to note the damage and mitigate the issue as soon as the housekeeper reports it. 

10. Leave a Review 

It is important to us that your property is cleaned adequately so you can WOW your next guests! To ensure we have reliable housekeepers on our platform, we encourage you to leave a review. This gives each housekeeper credibility and accountability. 

We can provide these benefits for your short-term rental and more! If you are interested in joining our platform to take care of your housekeeping needs, you can sign up here
For more information, email or call 866-341-5337

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